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This takes place after the snuggle-fest in the med den, and before Ravage brings Rabbit into the clan.

Ravage walked dejectedly from the main cavern after discovering Thornspirit and Owlgaze resting with their tails intertwined.
She padded quietly out into the forest and wandered toward the old two leg place. She moved through it's all but abandoned aisle ways, in and out of broken windows and doors askance from rotting on their hinges.
The wild life and plants were slowly reclaiming the human made structures. Ravage blinked listlessly and stared at a bunch of morning glory, unimpeeded by gardener's hands, it was growing whichever way it pleased, covering and killing everything in its path. Ravage extended a claw and carefully tore up one of the flowers with one stroke at a time until the petals hung in tatters. She stared at it for another moment then turned away from it and padded on silent paws toward Waveclan territory. She stopped short of the border and just stood there for some time. Then, with a heavy sigh, she turned back to the two leg place, picked a tree, and climbed it.
Laying in the sun, she thought. She thought of Owlgaze, and her beautiful, bright pelt, her young vibrant playfulness. She was a warrior with many moons in front of her. And what of Ravage? 'I'm a scruffy, dull, flat, blind elder. I'm no good to anyone except to watch the kits in the clan that no one else seems to give a damn about. I love my kits. But they're not really MY kits...' She sighed and turned over onto her back to sun her belly. 'No wonder Thornspirit chose Owlgaze instead of me. I'm a delusional old fool to think Thornspirit would ever care for such a useless she cat...'
Her internal monologue of self loathing was interrupted by the raucous vocalisations of a kitty pet...
Ravage was pretty sure she was speaking to the she cat, but she felt cold and distant...not even the advent of Palekit on the scene pulled her from the doldrums of her self hate. She scolded him and then led them both back to Hollowclan camp.
She vaguely entering the cave and approaching the med den...'I can't go in there again...' She wimpered to herself. 'I can not bear to see either of them again. Especially knowing what I know about them.' Shellkit appeared and rescued her from her dilemma...but she was rude to the kit...just as she had been to Palekit...and now she was being harsh toward the kitty pet she herself had brought here.
What was the matter with her? Why was she being so...mean? She still felt separate from herself, as if she were watching all this happen to another cat and just happened to be privy to that cat's inner most thoughts.
And now, here she sat onn the leader's had she gotten here? Why were cats running all over the cavern? There appeared to be some sort of panic sweeping through the clan. What in the name of Star Clan was going on? She sat on the leader's ledge and watched the blurred forms of her clan mates scurry about beneath her...she smelled the fear in the air, and something else...a sharp, sickly smell that barely penetrated her fugue...rats...Rats. "Rats!" She shouted in alarm, recognizing the smell from her days in the junkyard. "Atlas help us..." She muttered, sending a prayer up to Star Clan and her long dead mentor. "Rats." She whispered fearfully. Her thoughts turned to the nursery and her adopted, and disobedient, kits. "Oh Star Clan...rats could eat them in two bites each!" Tears of fear and worry crept from the corners of her eyes. "I will protect them." She said fiercely. "They are my babies, no matter how many other she-cats birthed them! They are MINE. And I am responsible for them...and for her." Ravage was mentally including Rabbit among her kits. She was after all, as helpless as one of her precious kits, and she had taken full responsibility for her.
This is for :iconwarriorsguidingstars:

Yup.  Poor poor Face!  She's just DEVISTATED by all the lovey dovey crap in the air!
darkshadowmist Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014
I lurve dis! :D
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Sadist! ;3 <3
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